Our Software Means Business

Quenk Technologies Limited is a Software Consulting company based in Trinidad and Tobago.

We help our clients put together the pieces of software needed to run their operations.

Our line of work sees us writing software, building systems and introducing automation to previously manual work-flows. Most of the time we work using the Web, and cloud computing concepts.

At Quenk Technologies Limited we keep our eyes on the future but our ears open to the present.

We know computer technology has and will continue to change the world but in order for that change to be positive, technology must focus on real problems and not leave the people behind.

We advocate away from the one-size fits all approach to software and practice a development model focused on the user and what their intentions are, rather than what’s hot or new.

That does not mean we ignore breakthroughs in the field however, our clients often find us well informed and we use what knowledge we acquire to keep their concerns going.

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